Gundam - Musai-class Light Cruiser Free Paper Model Download

Gundam - Musai-class Light Cruiser Free Paper Model Download


Gundam - Musai-class Light Cruiser Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Musai-class Light Cruiser, a class of light cruiser in the Universal Century timeline, and first featured in the anime Mobile Suit Gundam, the papercraft is created by 7th Heaven.

The Musai-class was the first warship designed to carry mobile suits for the Zeon, and had a "Komusai" landing capsule that could carry additional mobile suits. There were several models of the Musai-class produced during the war.

The Musai-class was the Principality of Zeon space force's light cruiser, serving as the primary combat unit in ship-to-ship combat. Its closest contemporary in the Earth Federation Forces was the Salamis-class.

The Musai-class was designed at the same time as the Principality of Zeon's mobile suit development program, and as such the Musai was built from the ground up to support mobile suits. The ship features a hangar system designed to carry and maintain 3 of the early Zaku mobile suits. Two more additional mobile suits could be kept in the hangar of the Komusai shuttle, giving the Musai five mobile suits to use in combat. Earth Federation soldiers referred to this style of carrying as "three in the back and two under the hood." Using the Komusai pod bays to carry operational mobile suits (rather than for their initial purpose of carrying the mobile suits to the surface of the Earth) brought the mobile suit carrying capacity of the Musai up almost to the same standard as the much larger EFSF Pegasus-class assault carrier. The standard Musai had three mobile suit catapults mounted on the upper port, upper starboard and lower faces of its hexagonal mobile suit hangar.

Musai-class cruisers were not designed for long term independent operation. To overcome this short-coming the Principality of Zeon used the Papua-class and later the Pazock-class logistical fleet to resupply Musai out in the field, along with any other Zeon ship or base.

In combat, after fielding the mobile suits the Musai would engage enemy ships with powerful double-barreled mega particle cannons, weapons that had more than enough punch to penetrate the armor of any of the Earth Federation's warships. Because the Musai's generator required several minutes to compress the mega particles needed for each shot, the cannons mostly remained silent during combat. The Musai's design compensates for this lack by incorporating 12 missile launchers, 2 large missile launchers and 10 small missile launchers.

Unfortunately, the original Musai-class ships had one major flaw: they lacked any type of Anti-Aircraft/Anti-Mobile Suit defense systems. While a seemingly unimportant and ignorable issue at first, this flaw would return to haunt the Zeon in the latter half of the One Year War, when the Federal Forces deployed their own mobile suits. [Source: wikia]

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