Guild Wars 2 - Rytlock Brimstone Free Papercraft Download


Guild Wars 2 - Rytlock Brimstone Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Rytlock Brimstone, a tribune of the Blood Legion, member of the Stone Warband, and one of the most prominent charr of the Black Citadel, based on the 3D fantasy role-playing game Guild Wars 2, the paper model created by Riot-Inducer.

He is feared by many among the charr due to his status and that he gained it by killing his superiors and taking their titles. Rytlock was also once a member of Destiny's Edge, when he was an ally and close friend of the human Logan Thackeray, despite the historical enmity between their two races. He wields Sohothin, the sword previously owned by Prince Rurik.

Rytlock is regarded as "strange" by many other charr as he had voluntarily distanced himself from his warband in separated assignments for unknown reasons. This causes some charr to continue to disregard him even after his various promotions and high standings in Destiny's Edge. The fact he worked alongside Logan, a human, even before the peace treaty negotiations began also brings some questioning by charr about Rytlock's loyalties. He is often quick to "remind" them that he no longer considers Logan an ally.

During the Flame and Frost Living Story, Rytlock assigns Rox her warband trial. It is later revealed by Rox that she is trying to join the Stone warband. It seems she was successful since as of Retribution her surname is "Whetstone". [Source: Guild Wars 2 Original Wiki]

You can download this papercraft template here: Guild Wars 2 - Rytlock Brimstone Free Papercraft Download