Gradius II - Vic Viper Space Ship Ver.2 Free Paper Model Download

Gradius II - Vic Viper Space Ship Ver.2 Free Paper Model Download


Gradius II - Vic Viper Space Ship Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a Vic Viper, the name of the protagonist space ship, based on the Gradius II of Gradius game series, the papercraft created by [unknown], and assembled by Destro2k. There is another version on this site: Gradius – Vic Viper Space Ship Free Paper Model.

The Vic Viper craft has been at the player's control in almost ten different titles. The ship has been renowned for both its remarkable adaptability and unique twin-pronged fuselage. The first Busou Shinki design competition, Bokushin, champion was inspired by Vic Viper. A sentient version of the ship later went on to star in the Parodius Series.

The Vic Viper has often been referred to as a "temporal space fighter," though there has been little explanation as to why. This was partially cleared up in Gradius V, where the T-301 model of the Vic Viper was capable of creating tears in the space-time continuum, something the pilot put to effect in order to travel back in time to defeat Bacterion with the cooperation of the past version of himself. It is currently unknown if previous incarnations of the Vic Viper had this ability.

The Vic Viper, and the other Gradius Gaiden ships, have a kind of hyper-driver system than allows them to travel faster than light for escape of the Black Hole in the Stage 7.

Another subject that has often been jokingly tossed around regards the Vic Viper's shielding and durability, as nearly anything can destroy it without supporting Shields. While this aspect is present in many shooter games, Gradius is often the butt of such jokes, being one of the longest-running series in the genre. In Gradius V, however, this only applies to the cockpit, where the hitbox for the Vic Viper is tiny.

You can download this papercraft model here: Gradius II - Vic Viper Space Ship Ver.2 Free Paper Model Download [Box] [Gavitex]