Good Old Fred Tombstone Papercraft

Good Old Fred Tombstone Papercraft


Goold Old Fred Tombstone PapercraftI guess you could say that this is a Disney-related papercraft, a tombstone for Disney legend Fred Joerger.

Who is Fred? he worked at Disney as an imagineer, transforming Walt Disney's visions into 3D miniature models. He created scale models (prototype) for the theme park attractions and film sets/props before they produce the full scale versions.

This tombstone papercraft is a tribute from Haunted Dimensions (Ray Keim), it was released just a few days after the Bates House papercraft but I missed it - thanks to reader Cindy for pointing it out.

A short and funny inscription on the tombstone reads:

Here lies
Good Old Fred
A great big rock
fell on his head

Good Old Fred Tombstone Papercraft

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