Golgo 13: The Professional - Golgo 13 Head Papercraft Free Download


Golgo 13: The Professional - Golgo 13 Head Papercraft Free DownloadThis papercraft is Golgo 13 Head, based on Golgo 13: The Professional animated film adaptation of the Golgo 13 manga series, the papercraft created by hyakunin. Golgo 13 also appears in the OVA Golgo 13: Queen Bee.

Golgo 13, also known by the pseudonym Duke Togo, is a professional assassin. His age and birthplace are unknown and there is no consensus in the worldwide intelligence community as to his true identity. Most of his jobs are completed through the use of a customized, scoped M16 rifle. Besides Duke Togo, Golgo 13's other aliases include Tadashi Togo and Togo Rodriguez.

The name "Golgo 13" is a reference to the death of Jesus Christ. Golgo is short for Golgotha, the place of Jesus' crucifixion. The number 13 is considered an unlucky number because there were thirteen participants at Jesus' Last Supper before his execution. Also, Golgo 13's logo is a skeleton wearing a Crown of Thorns.

Duke Togo's past is a mystery. Although many episodes of the series have presented speculation about his origin, such episodes always cast doubt on their own theories as well - leaving the readers uncertain whether the information was even true. It is only known that he had a son with ex-PIRA terrorist Catherine McCall named Joey, who was killed in an accidental explosion after he ignited some explosives at a PIRA safehouse. He also has yet another living son from a random previous sexual encounter, as seen in Episode 48.

With respect to the character's age, a large number of stories are dated as they are centered around current events of the time. However, Golgo 13's age has not increased significantly to account for these events. He has also suffered multiple injuries on his body via torture. [Source: wikipedia]

You can download this papercraft template here: Golgo 13: The Professional - Golgo 13 Head Papercraft Free Download