GN-001 Gundam Exia Free Paper Model Download

GN-001 Gundam Exia Free Paper Model Download


GN-001 Gundam Exia Free Paper Model DownloadThis gundam paper model is a GN-001 Gundam Exia (aka Gundam Exia, Exia, Gundam Seven Swords), the close combat Gundam (one of the main five Mobile Suits) featured in both seasons of Mobile Suit Gundam 00, piloted by Setsuna F. Seiei, the papercraft created by Rarra, and shared by yenc. This papercraft is a advanced version based on Zell2007's Gundam Exia Papercraft x Seven Swords System. There is a SD GN-001 Gundam Exia Papercraft at the site; also a GN-0000 00 Gundam papercraft and a GN-0000/7S 00 Gundam Seven Sword Papercraft.

A 3rd-Generation Gundam, Exia is designed to be a close quarters combat (CQC) type mobile suit (MS). The unit is the successor to GNY-001 Gundam Astraea and one of the predecessors to GN-0000 00 Gundam; much of Exia's design was heavily influenced from the Astraea. While there are strong similarities to Astraea, Exia has its own differences from weapons to systems.

Exia was created as a high-mobility unit to greatly supplement its CQC role. In order to maximize its potential in speed and movement, its legs was given the best human articulation as possible to improve its Active Mass Balance Auto Control (AMBAC). The trade-off is the reduction of armor parts in several joints that reveal its internal frame; its MS frame is more vulnerable against enemy attacks. However, the pilot can defend against enemy attacks with Exia's GN Shield. It's high mobility design has served Exia well as it has the highest evasion rate amongst the four 3rd-generation Gundams.

The Seven Swords System refers to the wide array of GN Blades that was designed and used on the Exia. While, redundancy and flexibility was built into the weapons selection for multiple scenarios and specializations in close combat situations, this was intentional as Exia's armaments were solid armaments instead of beams. The development of solid state swords was to anticipate against any scenario that would involve facing an enemy with a GN Field, be it a rogue Gundam or any other unit.

Appearance wise, Gundams have heads that are human-like. In terms of use, the head of Gundams are said to be similar to a human brain as they both control the functions of the body. Exia's head design is kmodeled after the pilot helmet worn by earlier Gundam Meisters. This was done to cement the belief of the Meister being the Gundam. Third Generation Gundams like Exia also possess head antennas that control particle distribution, though most of the actual particle control responsibility is taken up by the antennas at the shoulders and neck. The head also has other head antennas that function as communication and sensor devices while at the same time also containing a blackbox device used for establishing a link with Veda.

Its GN Condensers also can show visually the amount of particles it holds as well as the particle compression rate it is currently using. This ability is also used for secret communication with friendly forces.

When extreme firepower and defense is needed, Exia can receive combat support from GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E and the Assault Container. The GN Arms Type E itself is a customized transformable fighter, with mid-range beam weaponry and melee weapons themed after Exia's weapons silhouette. When greater power is needed, Exia and GN Arms can combine to become a mobile armor. Exia's GN Drive docks right into the MA to power the weapons platform. If a situation arises where greater speed is needed, Exia can be equipped with its own specialized armor, the Avalanche Pack, which would be later upgraded into the Avalanche Pack.

The Assault Container works on conjunction with the GN Arms and Exia as a miniature armed MS carrier. It was designed to dock both Exia and GN Arms for atmospheric entry and exit missions. It's heavily armored and has enough fire power to match an entire ESF battlefleet.

In addition, the Exia's extension cone chassis possess an ability that can temporarily increase the output of the equipped GN Drive and the ability of the suit temporarily in "burst"-like mode. However, this ability was rarely used as it is considered unstable however it was seen to be used in its upgraded form, the Exia Repair II. Exia's overall capabilities can be enhanced through the power of the Trans-Am System. With the Seven Sword armament combined with the skills of Meister, Setsuna F. Seiei, the Gundam Exia was a machine to be feared in close combat. [Source: wikia]


  • GN Beam Sabers
Mounted on the back of the shoulders. The beam saber is a hilt with the ability to activate beam blade by generating a positron field filled with GN Particles. While the beam saber has a high power rating, one disadvantage is that their performance can be decreased by surrounding atmospheric conditions or methods of beam diffusion.
  • GN Beam Daggers
Attach to Exia's waist, the GN Beam Daggers shares the same basic system as that of the GN Beam Sabers but are adjusted to have a shorter blade length that makes them harder to diffuse. Setsuna has developed a habit of throwing them at distant enemies while in combat. This weapon type became obsolete in the future as the ability to manipulate beam saber length blades was achieved.
  • GN Long Blade & GN Short Blade
Named as GN Long Blade and GN Short Blade respectively, these are Exia's customized solid swords that differ in size from the main GN Sword and are the weapons that had the longest development time among all of Exia's armaments. Because the GN Sword has difficulty doing damage without a certain amount of swing and space due to it's size, these were designed in order to give the Exia solid blades that can be used in a variety of situations that the GN Sword has difficulty with. They were stated to possess the ability to cut through 2 meters of conventional E-Carbon armor. Like the GN Beam Daggers, Setsuna occasionally uses the GN Short Blade as a throwing knife.
  • GN Shield
A shield mounted on Exia's left arm that is made out of extremely strong and durable E-Carbon While generally useful, there are some questions raised about the need of a shield as it is made of the exact same material as of the body's main armor. On the surface of the shield, a GN Field can be generated that would confer better defenses to the user. As long as Exia continues to receive GN Particle energy supply, conventional weapons would not be able to penetrate the GN Shield. The shield also possesses an "expansion" mode where the left and right blue sections move outwards and increase the defense area the shield covers, but the drawbacks of this mode are increased particle consumption as well as a decrease in the overall defense property of the shield due to the increased area that GN Field element covers. Although the shield is extremely effective against conventional weapons, its strength is not enough to defend against stronger attacks such as GN beam weapons and as a result, has been destroyed by these attacks on a few occasions.
  • GN Sword
A solid GN blade attached to a miniature forearm shield, which serves as the Exia's primary weapon, and the largest blade amongst the Seven Swords. It works by applying GN Particles over the solid sword which greatly increases the sharpness and cutting power though the sword can still be used when there are no particles applied to it. Although the blade is considered to have great destructive power, there are situations where it cannot be used due to its size. The GN Sword can also be used in Rifle Mode, whereby the blade returns to its idle folded state exposing the muzzle of a beam rifle. The Rifle Mode was created to avoid the equipping of excessive armaments on Exia, and thus enchance the ease of movement which the unit's systems depend heavily on.
  • GN Vulcans
Small guns installed in both arms of Gundam Exia. Purely secondary weapons, these low powered weapons are equipped with main purpose of diversion. While the GN Sword's Rifle Mode has high power, it requires a transformation action and can't response instantly, thus the GN Vulcans were installed to counter this weakness. Though the power of their beams are weak, their high firing rate means that they can be a threat to conventional weapons that lack E-Carbon armor. This is also very useful when engaging small, fast, maneuverable targets such as GN Fangs and missiles.

This Gundam papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 3 Blue
  • 9 Gray
  • 2 Red
  • 10 White
  • 2 Yellow

You can download this gundam paper model here:


  1. Comment:guys. thanks for the template but its missing the right leg and the gn blade/gun(right arm) and the gn shield (left arm). can I get the templates for those? Please send me those 'cause those are the only things that are missing. btw the yellow part at the chest is missing too.