Gloster Gladiator Airplane Papercraft + F5D Skylancer & F11F Tiger


Gloster Gladiator PapercraftAn amazing collection of Gloster Gladiator airplane papercraft from Deutsch graphic designer Christoph Stahl.

The Gloster Gladiator is a British-made biplane fighter aircraft used by the Royal Air Force during the World Wars of the early 1900s. Its popularity at that time made it a favorite by other nation's air forces.

Over 15 models of the Gloster Gladiator are available on his site (Stahlhart Papercraft), a few of the aircrafts have been removed due to post-war German law codes which prohibit the display of a swastika in any form or fashion - I guess if you want a copy, you can send a request to the designer.

Also available is the Grumman F11F Tiger papercraft and a Douglas F5D Skylancer papercraft - two US Navy supersonic jet aircrafts.

F5D Skylancer Papercraft

F11F Tiger Papercraft

Gloster Gladiator Airplane Papercraft + F5D Skylancer & F11F Tiger

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