Gloomy Bear Papercraft Attacks Again!

Gloomy Bear Papercraft Attacks Again!


Gloomy Bear Papercraft 01Gloomy BearGloomy Bear papercraft is back and bloodier than ever ^^

We've got another special from our friend PMF and Skelekitty, what can only be described as a massive Gloomy Bear post - quantity wise. Here's the description from Skelikitty:

So there are 12 separate colour textures in each pack: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Coffee, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow.

But here's where it gets complicated, there are actually 2 versions of each colour - a standard texture (bloodied mouth and claws) and then a bloody version (mouth, claws and extra splats!) - so in fact the zip packs contains 25 textures each ... yes, there is one extra! I've also included a bonus "extra bloody" version of the pink texture!

Gloomy Bear Papercraft 02

So what are you waiting for? download them now and have a bloody good time ^^
Many thanks to the PaperPokes Team for another great exclusive.

Gloomy Bear Papercraft 2 [Letter]
Gloomy Bear Papercraft 2 [A4]

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