Gintama - Elizabeth Free Papercraft Download


Gintama - Elizabeth Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is designed by ronin. Elizabeth is Katsura's unusual pet Amanto and a member of the Jouishishi. It is always by Katsura's side and has become inseparable as Katsura's sidekick. Fiercely loyal to Katsura, it has saved him on numerous occassions. When Katsura went missing in the beginning of the Benizakura Chapter, Elizabeth visited Yorozuya for help. Following it is revealed that Elizabeth's real name is General Eren of the Renho race, a race of mercenaries specialized in covert operations, and he, along with many Renho, act as pets for numerous Earthlings in order to prepare Earth for an invasion. It is then later revealed this was simply a version of Elizabeth for everyday of the week, this "Elizabeth" apparently not appearing in the Benizakura arc. You can download this papercraft from here: Gintama - Elizabeth Free Papercraft Download