Gin Tama - Elizabeth Free Papercraft Download

Gin Tama - Elizabeth Free Papercraft Download


Gin Tama - Elizabeth Free Papercraft DownloadThis is the Elizabeth, based on the manga series  (aka Gintama), this papercraftis desigend by João Vieira. Elizabeth is Katsura's unusual pet Amanto and a member of the Jouishishi. It is always by Katsura's side and has become inseparable as Katsura's sidekick. Fiercely loyal to Katsura, it has saved him on numerous occassions. Apparently, the members of the Jouishishi consider Elizabeth like a high rank member of the joui, in fact, he is like Katsura's right hand.

It was later revealed that there are two Elizabeth in the series that accompanies Katsura. In episode 173, Katsura was accompanied with Russian Elizabeth instead. He is a large duck or penguin-like Amanto with a dull expression, although at certain times it is shown to actually be a Humanoid in a costume. He is rougly around 180cm (5' 11") and weighs about 123.

All the Renho, of which Elizabeth is a member, are in costume almost all the time. The Humanoid inside it is depicted as a dark skinned, sweaty man with hairy legs and glowing pink eyes, but as the director the Human has glasses but continues to have glowing eyes. Later on having grown a short beard and having bloodshot eyes on its costume, maybe from reworking its costume by itself. Throughout the series he is seen wearing various disguises and has been shown in different styles for gags.

Monday Elizabeth
This Elizabeth's real name is General Eren of the Renho race, a race of mercenaries specialized in covert operations, and he, along with many Renho, act as pets for numerous Earthlings in order to prepare Earth for an invasion. Its very likely that this Elizabeth was given to Katsura by Sakamoto Tatsuma.

Eren replaces regular Elizabeth on Monday, Eren would watch televison with Katsura and reinact commerical songs. Eren plays Uno with Katsura a lot, although he's bad at it. Eren would let Katsura win a few times. Eren was in a relationship with Fumiko before she defected the Renho.

Eren Elizabeth has accompanied Katsura, shown in Eren and Katsura flashback in Renho arc:

  • In manga:
    • First introduction into the series.
    • Building snow scupltures.
    • Katsura interview with Reporter Hana.
    • Katsura rap in the group date.
    • When he was on standby at the Santa battle arc.
    • Standby at a false wedding ceremony.
    • Swimming with Katsura and others in the Shogun pool arc.
    • Russian Elizabeth took over.
  • In Anime:
    • Katsura was hiding at Ikumatsu, Elizabeth became homeless.
    • KO when eating over at Yorozuya.
    • Helped Katsura prison break.
    • Elizabeth injured by Matsudaira Katakuriko and has to stay in hospital.
    • Queued up with Katsura in Bentendo Owee arc.
    • Part of the soccer team.
    • Part of the recruitment team for Joui candidates, Project Z.

Normal Elizabeth
Not much is known for regular Elizabeth but he accompanies Katsura on Tuesday to Sunday. It was confirmed by Katsura that this Elizabeth was the one that participated in the Benizakura arc.
When Katsura and Elizabeth had argued and fallen out, Katsura found out that he has a wife and a kid. When X-Rayed, there was a fat old man inside.
In the anime the human in Elizabeth is often joked to actually be Takamatsu Shinji the director of the Gintama anime, although this is most likely not canon.

Normal Elizabeth has accompanied Katsura:

  • Eating Soba with Katsura.
  • Benizakura arc.
  • Appeared in the ending of the Renho arc, he went on a vacation and brought Katsura a Renho doll.
  • Appeared in Sakata Kintoki arc.

Russian Elizabeth
Also known as Fake Elizabeth. Nothing is known besides that he uses a Bintendo TS (parody of Nintendo DS) to speak and he's Russian. He is perverted and loves hostess club. He's very wealthy.

About this paper model:
Height: 16 cm
Difficulty: Easy-medium
Pages: 8
Format: PDO

You can download this paper craft here: Gin Tama - Elizabeth Free Papercraft Download