Gin Tama - Chibi Kamui Free Figure Papercraft Download

Gin Tama - Chibi Kamui Free Figure Papercraft Download


Gin Tama - Chibi Kamui Free Figure Papercraft DownloadThis figure papercraft is a chibi Kamui, a member of the Yato Tribe, based on the manga series  (aka Gintama), the papercraft created by drasil. Kamui is the biological son of Umibouzu and the biological elder brother of Kagura.

Kamui becomes Housen's pupil. Due to his excellent fighting skills, he became the Captain of 7th Division of Harusame. He is known as the lighting spear in the division, the most powerful combat unit within the said group, and Overlord of Yoshiwara after Housen's death. He is the main antagonist of Yoshiwara in Flames Arc.

Kamui is always eager to fight with anyone who looks powerful, he firmly believes that the Yato are to remain on the battlefield and shows his disapproval of Housen staying locked up in Yoshiwara. Because of this belief, he shows no pity towards family or subordinates as a sign of weakness is unacceptable. He tried to revive the abandoned tradition of a Yato clansmen killing their own parent to prove their strength, although failed to successfully execute it.

According to Umibouzu Kamui had not always been passionate of the Yato blood and fighting, and that Kagura wanted to reform him before it was too late.

Despite this, he pays his respect to the opponents he kills by sending them off with a smile. He also, by his own words, doesn't kill children and dislikes killing women. The reason behind this habit of his is on the pretense that all children have the potential to become strong, to fight him presumably, and that women can give birth to strong children. Kamui shows also to have a big appetite for food.

Kamui has blue eyes but dyed his black hair with vermillion, albeit his reaches his lower back and is always tied in a braid. He wears a traditional uniform used in Chinese martial arts, with a black and white top sporting elbow length sleeves, and gray pants that reaches the middle of his lower leg. He almost always wears a cheerful smile on his face, even when he is killing, saying that everyone deserves a last moment of peace. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft template here: Gin Tama - Chibi Kamui Free Figure Papercraft Download [MediaFire]