Getter Robo - Shin Getter 2 Free Robot Paper Model Download

Getter Robo - Shin Getter 2 Free Robot Paper Model Download


Getter Robo - Shin Getter 2 Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis robot paper model is Shin Getter 2, based on the Super Robot manga series ““, the papercraft created by Goldenglue. For more information of the Shin Getter-1 please click on: Getter Robo – Getter 2 Free Paper Toy, there are another papercraft here: Getter Robo – Getter 2 Free Robot Paper Model.

  • Height: 55 meters (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Weight: 290 tons (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Construction: Polyformic Alloy (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Power Source: Getter Core
  • Pilots: Hayato Jin (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon, manga), Kei Kuruma (Armageddon), Shou Tachibana (Shin vs Neo), Messiah Taiiro (manga)
  • Weapons and Attacks:
    • Scissor Arm (Daikessen & Armageddon): Shin Getter 2's left hand is a sharp pincer.
    • Drill Shaker (Daikessen): Shin Getter 2 thrusts its drill into the ground, triggering shockwaves. This attack only damages enemies on or under the ground.
    • Getter Drill / Drill Arm (Armageddon and Super Robot Wars): Shin Getter 2 uses its powerful thrusters to fly at the enemy at top speed before ramming its rapidly-spinning drill arm into them, causing massive damage.
    • Drill Missile (all versions): The massive drill arm can be fired as a projectile, drilling its way through an enemy before flying back to the Getter.
    • Drill Tempest (all versions): Shin Getter 2 spins its drill arm at incredible speeds, generating a cyclone that buffets the enemy. This attack is also called Drill Hurricane in some media.
    • Plasma Drill Hurricane (Armageddon): A stronger version of the Drill Tempest attack in which Shin Getter 2 imbues the hurricane with plasma energy.
    • Mirage Drill (Super Robot Wars): Multi-colored beams are shot from Shin Getter-2's drill, converging on the enemy.
    • Shin Getter Vision (all versions): Shin Getter 2 moves at high speed, creating illusionary copies of itself to fool the enemy.

This robot papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 1 Black
  • 1 Dark Blue
  • 4 Red
  • 2 Silver
  • 2 White
  • 1 Yellow

You can download this robot paper model here: Getter Robo - Shin Getter 2 Free Robot Paper Model Download