Getter Robo - Shin Getter-1 Free Robot Paper Model Download

Getter Robo - Shin Getter-1 Free Robot Paper Model Download


Getter Robo - Shin Getter-1 Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis robot paper model is Shin Getter-1, based on the Super Robot manga series ““, the papercraft created by Goldenglue. For more information of the Shin Getter-1 please click on: Getter Robot – Getter 1 free papercraft, there are another papercraft here:
Getter Robo – Getter 1 Free Paper Toy.

  • Height: 55 meters (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Weight: 290 tons (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Construction: Polyformic Alloy (Getter Robo Armageddon)
  • Power Source: Getter Core
  • Pilots: Ryoma Nagare (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon, manga), Go Saotome (Armageddon), Go Ichimonji (Shin vs Neo, manga)
  • Weapons and Attacks:

    • Split Beam (Daikessen): Shin Getter 1 fires rapid beam shots from its palm.
    • Getter Razor (all versions): The large serrated blades on Shin Getter-1's forearms can be used as melee weapons.
    • Getter Battle Wing (all versions): In addition to giving Shin Getter-1 flight capabilities, these bat-like wings may also be used as slicing weapons.
    • Tomahawk Boomerang (all versions): Shin Getter-1 can throw its tomahawk as a boomerang-type weapon. In the anime versions, it throws the whole tomahawk, while its appearance in the last two games of the Super Robot Wars Alpha series have it simply throwing the head.
    • Tomahawk Lancer (Armageddon): Similar to the Tomahawk Boomerang attack except more than one is thrown in rapid succession.
    • Getter Blast Cannon (Super Robot Wars, manga): A hand-held beam gun.
    • Getter Tomahawk (all versions): The primary melee weapon of the Getter series has always been the tomahawk. However, Shin Getter-1's version is a bit of a misnomer, since the weapon in question is a two-headed battle axe with a very long handle. In Shin Getter Robo vs Neo Getter Robo, the tomahawk was called Double Tomahawk Lancer.
    • Getter Scythe (Armageddon): Contained in the bud on Shin Getter-1's right shoulder is a scythe of similar style to the Getter Tomahawk.
    • Getter Lancer (Armageddon): A lance of similar style to the Getter Tomahawk.Used to strike.
    • Shin Getter Beam (all versions): A beam of focused Getter Energy released from Shin Getter-1's abdomen. Getter Energy is especially detrimental to reptilian life-forms, causing Dinosaurs to melt and eventually die, and causing the over evolution of Invaders.
    • Getter Beam (Armageddon): A weaker secondary Getter Beam, which is fired from its forehead.
    • Stoner Sunshine (Super Robot Wars, Armageddon, manga): Shin Getter-1 gathers a ball of energy in its hands, eventually growing to incredible size before it's thrown at the enemy. This is Shin Getter's strongest attack in many of its forms. Though the Neo Getter version never uses it in the anime, the Super Robot Wars games give the attack to its God Getter form. In the manga it's used without any apparent difficulty.
    • Shin Shine Spark (Super Robot Wars): An improved version of Getter Robo G's Shine Spark attack. Shin Getter charges its body full of energy, then flies headlong into the enemy, releasing the energy before flying away to safety. This attack is often given to another Getter, the Shin Getter Dragon.
    • Stoner Sunshine Spark (Super Robot Wars Advance): Ryo throws Stoner Sunshine on the Musashi's Getter Dragon and Musashi use it to strike instead of Getter Shine.

This robot papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 5 Dark Gray
  • 10 Red
  • 1 Silver
  • 1 Sky Blue
  • 7 White
  • 1 Yellow

You can download this robot paper model here: Getter Robo - Shin Getter-1 Free Robot Paper Model Download


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