Getter Robo - Getter 2 Free Paper Toy Download

Getter Robo - Getter 2 Free Paper Toy Download


Getter Robo - Getter 2 Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is Getter 2, based on the Super Robot manga series "Getter Robo", the papercraft is designed by tjaizue. Getter 2 is formed from Jaguar+Bear+Eagle.

  • Pilot: Hayato Jin
  • Height: 38 m
  • Weight: 220 tons
  • Weapons
    • Getter Arm - Getter-2 can use its claw as a crushing weapon.
    • Getter Beams (only in the manga) - Getter-2 can fire a pair of Getter Beams from its eyes that are capable of hitting underground targets.
    • Getter Drill (AKA Drill Arm) - Getter-2 strikes an enemy with the drill attached to its left arm.
    • Drill Missile (AKA Drill Punch, Drill Attack or Jet Drill) - The drill spins quickly and is launched at an opponent like a rocket. The aftereffects of the attack vary by series and battle - sometimes the drill returns to the Getter, sometimes it falls to the ground, and sometimes it explodes. Losing the drill does not prevent the Getter from changing forms.
    • Drill Storm (AKA Getter Hurricane or Getter Storm) - The drill spins at extremely high speeds, creating a tornado extending forward from the tip. Enemies caught in the winds are immobilized.
    • Getter Vision - Moving at high-speeds, Getter-2 can create afterimages of itself to confuse opponents.

You can download the robot paper model here: Getter Robo - Getter 2 Free Paper Toy Download