Gear Fighter Dendoh Free Robot Paper Craft Download

Gear Fighter Dendoh Free Robot Paper Craft Download


[Cream Bread] - Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model1This robot paper model is the Gear Fighter Dendoh, based on the same named anime / video game, the papercraft is designed by Cream Bread. This is a very beautiful paper model, and there are many details. Gear Fighter Dendoh is an anime series that aired in Japan.

Gear Fighter Dendoh tells the story of two Japanese schoolboys - short-tempered Ginga Izumo and level-headed Hokuto Kusanagi - who meet one day in the midst of an attack on the Earth by Galfa, a race of sentient machines determined to wipe out all life in the universe. The two are chosen by Dendoh, a machine built to battle Galfa, to be its pilots during this attack. They also become members of the Guard Earth and Advanced Reconnaissance (GEAR) organization designated with the protection of Earth from the Galfa advance. The two pilots find themselves in a race to obtain the powerful and animal-like Data Weapons before Galfa can get their hands on them.

The show is directed and plotted by Mitsuo Fukuda and his wife, Chiaki Morosawa, the duo who went on to create Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and its sequel Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. Notably, Morosawa was not sole head scriptwriter for Dendoh, instead sharing duties with Yasuko Kobayashi, who went on to be the head writer for Toei's Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Den-O, and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

Below are finished model:
Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 2Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 3Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 4Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 5Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 6Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 7Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 8Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 9Gear Fighter Dendoh Paper Model 10You can download the robot papercraft template here: Gear Fighter Dendoh Free Robot Paper Craft Download [Stop Downloading, If you like this paper model, please contact the author.]


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