GAZ-3937 Vodnik & B1 Centauro Tank Papercraft


GAZ 3937 Vodnik Papercraft GAZ-3937 Vodnik is a high-mobile amphibious vehicle (HMV) used by the RussianRussian military for troop transport and as a mini command center.

GAZ-3937 Vodnik papercraft designed by Andri Darmawan. Andri also has a B1 Centauro tank destroyer papercraft for sale (pic below), it cost 4 bones via Paypal and will include a 12 page PDF for the template and the same number for instructions. Interested buyers please check the links below.

B1 Centauro Tank Papercraft

GAZ-3937 Vodnik Papercraft [Download]
B1 Centauro Tank Papercraft [Buy via Paper Replika]

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