Fullmetal Achemist - Envy Free Papercraft Download

Fullmetal Achemist - Envy Free Papercraft Download


Fullmetal Achemist - Envy Free Papercraft DownloadThis Fullmetal Achemist papercraft is the Envy. This paper craft is designed by Juke. Envy is a Homunculus who has the ability of shape-shifting. This unique ability can be used to assume the form of any existing person (or original personas that Envy itself creates) and can even modify its own voice to directly copy other's.

Envy is most comfortable in the "adorable" and "beautiful" form of an androgynous teenager. It usually serves as a spy, but its abilities are also extremely useful for assassinations, as demonstrated by the murder of Maes Hughes. Envy's most frequently used assassination technique is to imitate either one of its victim's loved ones or close friends, and use their hesitation as a chance to kill them. Envy may not be as intelligent as some of the other Homunculi, but is by no means stupid. In fact, it can be just as good a puppet master as Lust, but this attribute is overshadowed by its cockiness and bad temper. It can easily be set off by insulting its large and delicate ego, thus causing it to make mistakes.

About this paper model:
Pages: 16
Size: ca. 50cm
Format: .pdo line + lineless

You can download this paper craft from here: Fullmetal Achemist - Envy Free Papercraft Download