Fuji Xerox Insect Papercrafts

Fuji Xerox Insect Papercrafts


Fuji Xerox Insect Papercrafts Fuji Xerox presents 10 cute insect papercrafts to promote their DocuWorks file format. They added googly-eyes on some of the bugs to make them look cuter ^^. The 10 bug papercrafts is comprised of 5 beetles, a grasshopper, a praying mantis, a dragonfly, a butterfly, and a cicada.

But before you download the templates (they use the XDW file name extension), I want to tell you that the files are not the regular ones that you're used to seeing (PDF, PDO, JPG). Fuji Xerox is using their own electonic document format called DocuWorks (similar to a PDF file).

You will need to download the free DocuWorks Viewer Light software and install it on your computer in order to see/view the XDW files.

Fuji Xerox Insect Papercrafts [Download]

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