Fruits Basket - Tohru Honda Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Fruits Basket - Tohru Honda Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Fruits Basket - Tohru Honda Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Tohru Honda, the heroine and the only daughter of Kyoko Honda and Katsuya Honda, both of whom are deceased from unnatural causes such as a disease and a car accident, based on the anime / manga series Fruits Basket (sometimes abbreviated Furuba), the papercraft was created by SKGaleana.

fter Yuki Sohma and Shigure Sohma discovered Tohru living in a tent on their property, they invite her to live with them when the tent breaks from a land slide. She moves into the house with Shigure Sohma, Yuki Sohma and later Kyo Sohma. She worked part-time to support herself and help pay off her tuition fee when she was living on her own, and continues to work there despite moving to Shigure's house.

Later, it is revealed by Momiji that the entire time she was cleaning a building owned by Momiji's father. Her two best friends are Arisa Uotani and Saki Hanajima with the exception of certain people from the Sohma family such as Yuki and Kyo. Tohru is very grateful to the Sohmas and loves every bit of time she spends with them.

Takaya gave Tohru a name normally used only for men because she likes to give masculine names to female characters "to balance them out". In addition, Takaya chose to have other characters address her as "Tohru-kun", using an honorific typically used for boys, because she thought it was "a more dignified form of address".

Tohru can be considered attractive to other boys; for instance, when two boys tried to flirt with her and were planning to take advantage of her naive nature. However, in the end, they were scared off by Kyo.

Tohru is an extremely kind and over-optimistic girl who refuses to let anyone lift a finger for her, and at times she gets spacey. She is very loving, and finds things that wouldn't usually be that funny pretty funny. Her lovingness is proven multiple times, usually it is directed towards her mother, and all of her friends. She is very conciderate, and if somethings happens that would agrivate an average person, she commonly just smiles and moves on. This also proves her braveness, which is shown multiple times- like when she allowes all of her friends to go off and have fun during new years eve, and when they come back home, they find her crying, and they realized just how brave she really was. She is also brave when she stands up to Akito, who has been hurting Yuki. Her friends sometimes call her "a pushover". As a result, Ayame Sohma and Hiro Sohma seem to order her around. She makes sure everything is nice and clean in Shigure's house and promises to pay anyone back who treats her. For example, when Yuki explains to her that the area where her tent was set up was Sohma property, she says that she would stay there for only another week, and that she would pay them with what little money she had if they let her stay on the property.

Isuzu Sohma thought that she and Hatsuharu Sohma were too nice, as did Kureno Sohma. Akito Sohma thought that Tohru was an idiot because she was too kind and willing to forgive anyone for anything that they've done to her. Tohru is constantly cleaning up and enjoying housework and doesn't mind doing things for others.

Tohru is an average height, average weight and size girl with long brown hair that can sometime look as deep as black in certain cases and front bangs/fringe that frame her brown eyes. She has multiple facial expressions, that can vary from confused expressions, to just trying to act smart. She almost always has blue colored bows in her hair but they're sometimes yellow and purple. She either wears a large one in the back or two smaller ones pulling back her hair at the sides.

She wears a white and blue school uniform. It is a blue mini-skirt with ruffles on the bottom, and a white and blue top and jacket with a small tie-like thing to top it all off. She wears blue socks that go up to mid-shin. She wears brown shoes that are slip on. This is the outfit she is most commonly seen in, although she is known for wearing dresses as well, as long as they are short. One of the only times Tohru is seen wearing a long dress is when she played the not-so-evil stepsister in the school play, Sorta Cinderella in the manga.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Fruits Basket - Tohru Honda Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download