Fruits Basket - Kyo Sohma Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Fruits Basket - Kyo Sohma Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Fruits Basket - Kyo Sohma Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Kyo Sohma (full name Kyonkichi), cursed by the spirit of the cat of the zodiac, based on the anime / manga series Fruits Basket (sometimes abbreviated Furuba), the papercraft was created by SKGaleana. Kyo Sohma transforms into an orange cat whenever he is hugged by a member of the opposite gender or if he is under a great deal of stress.

The cat is not an animal in the Chinese Zodiac, but legend has it that the cat may have been included had the rat not tricked it. This may be the reason that he and Yuki Sohma do not get along well. However, it is said that Kyo had made a deal with Akito Sohma that if he could beat Yuki, he would not be confined to the Cat's Room.

Kyo is short-tempered, competitive, impulsive and rude, but he also has a soft side that he doesn't like people seeing. He gets embarrassed quickly and is overprotective of those he cares about. Some of his classmates call him Kyon-Kyon, Kyon or Kyon-Kyon, or Kyonkinchi which means 'Lucky Kyo', normally by Ayame Sohma and Shigure Sohma who both enjoy teasing him.

An example would be that at one point Shigure pesters him about the reason he hates Yuki and Kyo stomps off to the forest, ready to cry. He also has a strong hatred for leeks, and the smell makes him sick. He also hates green onions and miso, unless it's in soup form.

Kyo has longish bright orange hair and long bangs that hang over his orange-red eyes. He is near the same height as Tohru at the beginning of the series, and as the story goes on, he gets much more muscular and his build gets bigger, being very much taller than Tohru by the end of the Summer Vacation. He is defined even more from Yuki Sohma, as Kyo wears loose clothes, and dislikes tightness around his neck.

He wears a bracelet on his wrist that is red and white in the manga, but black and white in the anime. He turns into a bright orange cat when hugged by a girl, and when his bracelet is taken off, he turns into a monster that smells of rotting flesh, better known as the cat's vengeful spirit. He is described as 'handsome' and 'orange'. He is very well liked by Tohru Honda.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Fruits Basket - Kyo Sohma Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download