Front Mission 4 - Blizzaia L Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis mecha paper model is the Blizzaia L (Front Mission First, 4, 5), based on the video game Front Mission 4 [Buy the Game], the paper robot is created by Square Enix. The Frost is one of the most iconic wanzer models in the series. It appears and is playable in all main series installments except Front Mission 3 and was also featured in Front Mission Evolved. It is the flagship model line of arms manufacturer Diable Avionics of U.S.N. America.

Frost and the derivative Blizzaia series are heavy armor type wanzers, boasting thick levels of armoring and advanced leg stabilizers that allows them to withstand enemy fire and maintain balance. While not boasting a level of armoring equal to a main battle tank's, the Frost HW models have 400 mm armor plates attached onto the base armoring. As a result of this, the Frost HW is one of the few MULS-P wanzers that boasts a level of durability stronger than a main battle tank. The Frost's unique defensive scheme allow it to fulfill a variety of combat roles, from close-range assault types to long-range launcher types. The Frost's primary weakness is that it lacks mobility and therefore cannot travel around battlefields as fast as most wanzers. The lack of mobility was later rectified in the Blizzaia model line, which removes excess armoring around the arm and leg joints. Although this makes it more vulnerable to damage in those particular areas, the armoring around the core remains intact.

Front Mission 4 is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix Co., Ltd., and was released in Japan on December 18, 2003 and in North America on June 15, 2004. Front Mission 4 is the fourth main entry and sixth entry overall in the Front Mission series. Like other Front Mission titles, Front Mission 4 is part of a serialized storyline that follows the stories of various characters and their struggles involving mecha known as wanzers.

You can download this robot paper craft here: Front Mission 4 - Blizzaia L Free Mecha Paper Model Download [mediafire]

For this paper model, we recommend that you use the material (Paper, Paint, Glue, etc.) to make. Here are Great Deals, and here are 100s of card making ideas. There is FREE sewing patterns that you may need.

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