Friends - Ross Geller Free Paper Toy Download

Friends - Ross Geller Free Paper Toy Download


Friends - Ross Geller Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is Ross Geller, one of the six principle characters in the popular television series , the papercraft created by Bruno Vilardi. Ross Geller is well known as the friend with the least luck in love, as well as being the most intelligent and the only one with a PHD.

Ross is shown to be an extroverted yet at times very insecure person. He is outgoing and friendly the vast majority of the time, however is very easily worried or concerned in certain situations, such as job interviews, awkward situations with friends, and weddings. He is often the subject of ridicule from his friends as a result of the care he puts into his appearance, however his vanity more often than not comes back to shoot him in the foot, such as in The One With Ross's Tan, in which he attempts to get a spray tan after seeing the successful results of his sister Monica's attempt, and accidentally ends up with four separate medium-strength tans on his front, and none on his back whatsoever after attempting to count to five using the Mississippi system, instead of normally.

He also left teeth-whitening gel on his teeth for too long, and wound up with glow in the dark teeth. The most obvious point of ridicule Ross suffers is his hair. Many times throughout the series he is mocked for using too much hair-gel, with the most frequent culprits of this being on again off again girlfriend Rachel Green, and Phoebe Buffay. Ross is also known to be incredibly stubborn, and frequently got into conflict with the open-minded and free-thinking Phoebe over such subjects as the theory of relativity, gravity, and reincarnation. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download the papercraft toy here: Friends - Ross Geller Free Paper Toy Download