Fortune Roll Sushi Free Papercraft Download


Fortune Roll Sushi Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Fortune Roll (Eho-maki) Sushi, is futo-maki (thick sushi roll) eaten on the night of Setsubun, designed by niku-mansei. To be related with the Seven Deities of Good Fortune called Shichifukujin, seven fillings are traditionally rolled in a sushi roll. For example, simmered shiitake mushrooms and kanpyo, cucumber, rolled omelet, eels, sakura denbu, and seasoned koyadofu are used. These ingredients represent good health, happiness, and prosperity, and rolling the fillings means good fortune.

Usually, sushi rolls are sliced into bite-sized pieces. But fortune rolls aren't sliced since slicing indicates cutting good fortune. When eating fortune rolls, people face toward the good fortune direction of the year and make wishes.

You can download the paper craft template here: Fortune Roll Sushi Free Papercraft Download [Instruction]