Five Star Stories - SD Cross Mirage Free Papercraft Download

Five Star Stories - SD Cross Mirage Free Papercraft Download


Five Star Stories - SD Cross Mirage Free Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is a SD Cross Mirage, based on the manga / film / game series Five Star Stories, the papercraft is created by Kim-t-h, and shared by yenc. The Cross Mirage is built primarily for reconnaissance although it can handle combat quite well. Unlike most mortar headd designs, there are 2 variants; male type and female type. Though the two types are colored differently and use different weapons, they are mechanically the same. The Cross Mirage is a MH meant for use as a spy-ship. It employs the use of "beyond seekers", which are wide-range remotely operated cameras.

Though there are far fewer Cross Mirages than there are LED Mirage models, the Cross Mirage is encountered more often. Sop will redesign the male Cross in the early 3000's, creating a more heavily armed and armored version (type G) for use during the Majestic Stand conflict. [Source: Gearsonline]

  • Name: Cross Mirage
  • Type: Mirage C/G2/G
  • Meight: Ladios Sop
  • Nation: AKD
  • Height: 16.3 meters
  • Weight: 132 tons (type C), 124 tons (type G2), 148 tons (type G)
  • Output: around 2.3 trillion horsepower
  • Weaponry: There are two different models of Cross Mirage. The "female" model which is armed with a missile shield which houses 9 anti-armor missiles and an active veil (arm mounted) armed with a pincher claw. The "male" model is armed with a "Lowter Veil" which conceals a laser-sword within it. Beyond that, both models are outfitted with the typical MH weapons for reconnaissance use.

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