Five Star Stories - Knight of Gold Free Mecha Papercraft Download

Five Star Stories - Knight of Gold Free Mecha Papercraft Download


Five Star Stories - Knight of Gold Free Mecha Papercraft DownloadThis paper model is the Knight of Gold, based on the manga / film / game series Five Star Stories, the papercraft was designed by One Piece, and shared by Kevin Chapman. An unusual feature about the Knight of Gold is the fact that it carries no veil into battle. It is rare for mortar headds to be deployed without veils, as a mortar headd that cannot mount a defense against other mortar headd units is usually dead meat. However, the Knight of Gold charges into battle without a shield to show its prowess. Note: While the Knight of Gold may go sheildless it is not defenseless. The arm guards are dense enough to repel laser ordinance and spaads and speids as well, thus in a pinch it can use this as a last line of defense if necessary.

The Knight of Gold was Amaterasu’s third attempt at creating the "ultimate mortar headd" and it is the test-bed for the technology that goes into the new and improved Mirage Fleet of the 3000’s. As such, it is a very complex machine and is prone to operational break-downs from time to time. Even when it is operational, it is oftentimes glitchy and difficult to control, thus only top-of-the-line fatima models such as Lachesis, Atropos and Est are capable of unleashing its full potential.

Ladios Sop created the Knight of Gold in response to a request by Lachesis before she underwent her final programming cycle. At that time, she decided that she wanted Sop for her master and that she wanted him to create a shining mortar headd made of gold so they could get "married" beneath it. Amaterasu decided to grant Lachesis her request and dubbed his 3rd masterpiece the Knight of Gold.

The Knight of Gold will continue on through the ages, travelling with Lachesis throughout the dimensions, finaly to deliver her daughter, Kallen to U.R.I. in the Taika universe. Its tasks complete, the Knight of Gold finds rest beyond 7777... [Source: gearsonline]

  • Name: Knight of Gold Lachesis, Destiny Mirage
  • Type: Mirage D
  • Meight: Ladios Sop
  • Nation: AKD (Amaterasu family personal MH)
  • Height: 15 meters
  • Weight: 144 tons
  • Output: around 3 trillion horsepower
  • Weaponry: The Knight of Gold is equipped with the typical arsenal of mortar headd weaponry including lasers, machineguns, S-mines, spaads and a pair of Katana-style speids for melee combat. The KoG is also equipped with a "sawed-off" Buster Rock. The Buster Rock is the little brother to the Buster Launcher, and though it is considered less powerful than its larger sibling, the Buster Rock is still more than capable of wiping out everything on the battlefield. The Knight of Gold is the first mortar headd in the galaxy to be permanently equipped with Buster weaponry.

This mecha papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 19 gold
  • 8 gray
  • 1 white

You can download this papercraft model here: Five Star Stories - Knight of Gold Free Mecha Papercraft Download