Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Reno Free Paper Toy Download

Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Reno Free Paper Toy Download


Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Reno Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is a Reno, a prominent member of the Turks who appears in the Compilation of , and is often accompanied by fellow Turk, Rude, the papercraft was created by smilerobinson.

In battle,Reno wields an Electro-Mag Rod, a nightstick with a taser on one end. Reno also has a penchant for gossiping and is a competent helicopter pilot.

Reno has a lanky physique, unkempt red hair terminating in a long ponytail, and two symmetrical red marks on his cheek bones. He wears goggles pushed up onto his forehead, an unbuttoned suit jacket, and an untucked dress shirt.

He is cocky, cynical, somewhat lazy and rather friendly. Despite his appearance and attitude, Reno is regarded to be a prominent worker; while second in command he takes his job with pride and obtains skills that allow him to surpass many of his fellow Turks. He has a rebellious temperament and his actions can be sadistic, which is contradictory to his laid back personality. Reno is left-handed; even if he is occasionally seen holding his weapon in his right hand in promotional images, he only ever uses it left-handed in any media he has been depicted in.

Reno possesses a distinct speech pattern in Japanese, speaking in a drawling, slangy manner and, most notoriously, ending most of his sentences with zo to, yo to, or simply to receives a phone call near the beginning of Advent Children, and, although the caller's voice is not heard, the audience understands it is from Reno, as Tifa jokingly replies, "Oboeteru, zo to" ("I remember you, yo"; "Yeah, I remember you" in the English dub). The official page for the film also makes a nod to this. Speech patterns such as Reno's are impossible to translate directly into English and can only be approximated by attempting to capture the same "feeling" as the original, which the game's English translation and the movie did not attempt to do.

Reno and Rude primarily serve as the comic relief in Advent Children, exemplified by cartoon violence. Reno's design overhaul for the film eliminates the somewhat sly and shady air he had in the original game. He still acts in a somewhat sly manner, but is far more lighthearted and playful in the movie than he was in the game. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper craft toy here: Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Reno Free Paper Toy Download