Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Cid Highwind Free Paper Toy Download

Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Cid Highwind Free Paper Toy Download


Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Cid Highwind Free Paper Toy DownloadThis final fantasy paper toy is a chibi Cid Highwind, a playable character in the game Final Fantasy VII, the paper model is created by Paperized Crafts.

Cid Highwind is part of a long tradition of Final Fantasy characters named Cid. He is the most uncouth of the protagonists: he swears, is short-tempered, and chain-smokes cigarettes. Despite this, he has a good heart, and is voted as a temporaryparty leader during Cloud and Tifa's absence.

Cid is known for his foul mouth, as he curses a blue streak at several points in Final Fantasy VII. Several of his lines are "bleeped", appearing as a jumble of symbols. He does not bother about trivialities, and prefers going to the source of the problem, though sometimes seems wholly uncaring, such as during the party's visit to Gold Saucer to acquire the Keystone, where Cid sleeps while Cloud explains the mission to theTemple of the Ancients. He also sleeps on the Highwind during Cloud's breakdown, when Barret and the others discuss who should lead the group during Cloud and Tifa's absence.

Cid was always crude, but he is kindhearted. His attitude and foul language are an effect of him losing his dream of spaceflight, as he remains angry over missing out on his dream, though he sacrificed it deliberately to save Shera. Cid does not always mean his insults in a negative way: he refers to Cloud and his allies as "numbskulls" for opposing Shinra Electric Power Company, but admits he likes the idea.

Cid finds a new perspective towards the party's goal to save the Planet, something that he didn't care much for in the beginning, ruminating: "This planet is a little kid. A little kid sick and trembling in the middle of this huge universe. Someone's gotta protect it. Ya follow me? That someone is us!" When the party learns about Holy and Cloud wants finish what Aeris had started, Cid would cuss at him before telling him "WE" would finish it.

As a mechanic and technical scientist, Cid is somewhat of a skeptic of things of mystical and magical nature, but his lifelong interests in the field of aeronautics reinforce his belief that through knowledge and manpower, nothing is impossible. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft toy here: Final Fantasy VII - Chibi Cid Highwind Free Paper Toy Download