Final Fantasy - Tonberry Free Papercraft Download

Final Fantasy - Tonberry Free Papercraft Download


Final Fantasy - Tonberry Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Tonberry, based on the game Final Fantasy series. The paper model is designed by Fezco. The Tonberry, sometimes known as Pug or Dinglberry, is a recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series. Since its debut in Final Fantasy V, the Tonberry has become a mainstay of the series, appearing in every main series game. Along with the Behemoth and Malboro, it stands as one of the more iconic and formidable enemies in the series. It also appears as a summoned monster in several games.

Tonberries are quite small, usually no taller than three feet. They typically have green skin, round heads with small snouts and yellow eyes. They wear dark brown cloaks with hoods and usually carry two things with them: an old-fashioned lantern and a small butcher knife. Tonberries are usually found within caves and attack alone, though in a handful of games they appear in small groups of two or three.

In battle, Tonberries slowly walk towards the player's party, and when close use their signature Chef's Knife attack, which either does massive damage or instantly kills a party member. If attacked, they counter with Karma or Everyone's Grudge, doing damage to the attacker based on how many enemies they have slain, the damage increasing as the target party member kills more enemies. Compounding their offensive strength is their high HP, placing Tonberries as extremely dangerous foes.

The Master Tonberry and Tonberry King appear as common variants, and are stronger Tonberries that are sometimes treated as bosses. To denote their higher rank they appear with golden stars or crowns floating over their heads. Though normal Tonberries are diminutive, some games feature giant variants.

Final Fantasy is a popular series of role-playing games produced by Square Enix. It may be the most widely distributed game series of all time, including both standard console games and portable games, two massively multiplayer online role-playing games, games for mobile phones, two CGI films, and two anime series.

You can download the final fantasy papercraft here: Final Fantasy - Tonberry Free Papercraft Download