Final Fantasy Papercraft - Tarutaru

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Tarutaru


This is the Tarutaru papercraft that should have been on my original post, its way better looking and a lot easier to assemble. Not that the other one isn't good, its just that today's Tarutaru papercraft is Chokipeta designed, and I'm sure you already know what that means. This one is wearing some light armor with a shield and sword. The original design calls for the sword to be glued to his side but I decided to just fold his other hand and make him hold it, it makes it look more fierce. This Tarutaru papercraft is another great release from Goblin Guy.

Papercraft collectors wanting to get a hold of the real thing, you might want to look for the particular book pictured above, its a Final Fantasy XI Vanadiel Guide Book Vol. 2 by Dengeki.

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Tarutaru
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Tarutaru HR Photos [flickr]

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