Final Fantasy Papercraft - Bahamut

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Bahamut


Now that I'm back, I want to make it up to my subscribers for all the silent months that went by without a single post. Here's a paper model of Bahamut, my favorite Final Fantasy summon of all. I don't have an assembly instruction for this one, but it's pretty simple to figure out, I've posted a lot of high quality pictures on Flickr so that you can visualize how to put him together. Good luck and enjoy!

Final Fantasy Papercraft - Bahamut [via Mediafire]
Bahamut Photos [via Flickr]

Update - I've received a lot of email complaints from other people about not being able to open the file, if you see an error message from your PDF reader indicating they can't open it, most probably it's because you don't have your Asian/European font pack installed for your PDF reader. Here are the links for Adobe Acrobat and FoxIt readers' language packs.

FoxIt Reader - Download
Adobe Acrobat - Download