Final Fantasy - Life Size Corsair's Tricorne Free Papercraft Download

Final Fantasy - Life Size Corsair's Tricorne Free Papercraft Download


Final Fantasy - Corsair's Tricorne Free Papercraft DownloadThis final fantasy papercraft is a life size Corsair's Tricorne, a hat for a lucky pirate, the paper model is designed by Kaizo. The Corsair is a special job class in Final Fantasy XI, based on the gambler. They are, in a large sense, modeled after pirates in this rendition, but according to the game's plot they are not pirates at all. They are incapable of wearing heavy armor and use mostly their knives, swords, and special Hexaguns to dish out damage. They use the rolling of dice and the drawing of cards to increase attributes of their fellow party-members.

Corsairs have a number of abilities that have very gambling inspired names, like Double-Up, and then another set of abilities that they use which are modeled after other classes and give bonuses based on what you would assume those jobs would be good at. For instance, a Ranger's Roll will give nearby party members increased accuracy. The rolling of dice, however, is not a guaranteed success story. Each ability has lucky and unlucky numbers.

Story-wise, Corsairs were once a sort of naval fleet under the command of the Kingdom of Ephramad, which was invaded and taken over by the Empire of Aht Urhgan. The fallen Corsairs pose as undead enemy-type characters and take on a Fomor form and are particularly violent and aggressive. The other Corsairs, a small group known as the Seagull Phratrie, still survives. The Phratrie's hideout is located in Arrapago Reef; their ship was damaged while escaping an Imperial naval fleet, so they cannot sail as they once did. In current times, the Imperials are determined to wipe out the Corsairs once and for all, but they always seem to escape capture one way or another. Even though the Empire has tried bribing and even a double-agent, the Seagull Phratrie always seems to elude their grasp.

You can download the paper hat model here: Final Fantasy - Life Size Corsair's Tricorne Free Papercraft Download