Final Fantasy - Kain Highwind Free Paper Craft Download

Final Fantasy - Kain Highwind Free Paper Craft Download


Final Fantasy - Kain Highwind Free Paper Craft DownloadThis final fantasy paper model is the Kain Highwind (aka Hooded Man before his identity is revealed in The After Years), designed by Lubdar. Commander Kain Highwind is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is a Dragoon from the kingdom of Baron, Cecil Harvey's childhood friend and adoptive older brother. He also has feelings for Rosa Joanna Farrell, but he hides them so they do not hinder his relationship with either of the two: Rosa in turn has feelings for Cecil.

Kain wears full body armor colored dark purple or blue in most of his appearances. He wears a helmet the shape of a dragon's head that obscures most of his face and sharp spikes extend out of his armor on his shoulders, elbows and calves, to give it an even more draconian look. He has long blond hair, tied back in a ponytail in most appearances. His original Amano artwork and Dissidia 012 appearance seem to depict him with purple hair, but in Dissidia 012 it was revealed to be an attachment to his helmet, covering up his real hair.

In his appearance as "the Hooded Man" in The After Years, Kain wears purple garments and a scarf around his head to conceal his identity. After becoming a Holy Dragoon, Kain wears light blue and white armor, a winged helm that reveals the whole of his face, and a blue cloak.

Kain is a calm, sometimes sarcastic young man, driven by his dream of following his father's footsteps of becoming a Dragoon and shunning the King's wish for Kain to follow Cecil's profession of a Dark Knight. He has been friends with Cecil and Rosa since they were young, but their relationship is strained by their rivalry as soldiers and their love for the same woman, although Kain hides his feelings. Kain's personality changes when he is possessed by Golbez, becoming cold towards Cecil, though his love for Rosa still shows. Once freed from Golbez's control, Kain is forgiven by Cecil and vows to atone for his past actions, a promise that carries over into The After Years, as he tries to vanquish his dark side and helps Ceodore. For more information of the Kain Highwind click on here.

You can download the final fantasy paper craft template here: Final Fantasy - Kain Highwind Free Paper Craft Download