Final Fantasy - Dark Kain Free Papercraft Download

Final Fantasy - Dark Kain Free Papercraft Download


Final Fantasy - Dark Kain Free Papercraft DownloadThis final fantasy papercraft is the Dark Kain, created by Lubdar. Dark Kain is a character from Final Fantasy IV's continuity. He is the incarnation of the darkness in Kain Highwind's heart, fueled by Kain's hatred and jealousy towards Cecil and his unrequited love of Rosa. Initially appearing in the Lunar Ruins in Kain's Trial in Final Fantasy IV Advance.

He later reappears in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years as an antagonist, working with the Mysterious Girl to collect the Crystals while the heroes believe him to be the real Kain. For a short time, he is known as Kain until the true Kain reveals himself and exposes Dark Kain as an imposter. Dark Kain is also temporarily playable during the game.

As Kain's darkness incarnate, he appears identical and is often mistaken for him. He initially appears in Kain's Lunar Trial as a cloaked, shadowy figure, later casting his cloak off to reveal a set of armor similar to Kain's but colored purple. In his artwork for The After Years, Kain has a pale complexion with dark, scaled armor and a long red sash fluttering from the back of his helmet. His CG render for Complete Collection is mostly identical to Kain's render for the DS release of Final Fantasy IV.

Being Kain's dark side, he holds a powerful hatred towards Cecil, and his mission in The After Years is to kill him at any cost and seize Rosa for himself. He claims he is the "true" Kain and resents his other self, though he does not kill Kain after breaking free from him and overpowering him. While working with the Mysterious Girl, Dark Kain initially shows curiosity towards her identity and motives, but eventually tells her he does not care what she does with the Crystals as long as he can fight Cecil in exchange for them.

Despite this, Dark Kain has several moments of compassion. He saves Porom's party from monsters, and tells the Baron guards accompanying him to Damcyan that they should value their lives, even though they are mind-controlled. Like Kain, he remains loyal to Baron as a country, claiming it was always his homeland. In his fight against Rosa and Edward, Dark Kain refuses to harm Rosa and any attempt to attack her will miss, indicating that he retains Kain's love for her. This may mean that he is only the embodiment of Kain's hatred and jealousy for Cecil, and while it takes precedence above acts of kindness, he is otherwise a good man towards others. For more information of the Dark Kain click on here.

You can download this Final Fantasy paper model here: Final Fantasy - Dark Kain Free Papercraft Download