Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Selkie Wolverine and Lobezna Papercrafts Download

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Selkie Wolverine and Lobezna Papercrafts Download


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Selkie Wolverine and Lobezna  Papercrafts DownloadThese two Selkie paper models are from the game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles of the Final Fantasy series, the papercrafts are male and female selkies two versions, and designed by Ignatius Reillius. Selkies are one of the four tribal groups from the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series.

In Crystal Chronicles, they are the quickest race with the quickest Focus attacks; they also have a longer range on their focus attacks than the other tribes. Overall, the Selkie excels at Speed and has decent Strength, but lacks slightly in Defense and Magic. The Selkie "Defend" command is a quick backflip that ignores all attacks and magic. Selkies use rackets as weapons, some of which shoot energy for a Focus attack, similar to Final Fantasy IX.

Many of the specific Selkie characters in the game seem to mainly look out for themselves; the Striped Brigands, for example, are thieves, and the Selkie caravan that the player can come across seems to have no interest in actually getting the myrrh needed for the crystal in their town of Leuda. The Leuda crystal manages to replenish itself every year despite the laziness of the caravan. If a player is not a Selkie and talks to people in Leuda, they will have gil stolen from them.

Selkie characters in Crystal Chronicles include De Nam, Bal Dat, Meh Gat, and the Leuda Caravan. Selkies have some of the same characteristics of the Clavat Tribe. They usually wear little clothing with some animal fur. Their hair ranges are from bright colors to plain white. They are the quickest of all the races and while they have decent attack stats, they are most notable for thier exclusive use of the double jump and go through shortcuts in dungeons. They are able to interbreed with Clavats.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a 2003 action role-playing game for the Nintendo GameCube. It was published by Nintendo and developed by The Game Designers Studio, a shell corporation for Square Enix's Product Development Division-2. A spin-off of the Final Fantasy series, the game spawned a metaseries of the same name. It was released in Japan on August 8, 2003; in North America on February 9, 2004 and in Europe and Australia on March 12, 2004.

Many new gameplay elements were included in this game, such as real-time fighting, as well as being the first role-playing video game to incorporate GameCube-Game Boy Advance compatibility. The music was composed by Kumi Tanioka. The game was greeted with good reviews overall, with many calling the graphics beautiful and the multiplayer design innovative. Three further Crystal Chronicles games have been released; one for the Wii was released, and one for the WiiWare download service is in development, making Crystal Chronicles a sub-series of the Final Fantasy series.

You can download the Final Fantasy paper crafts here: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Selkie Wolverine and Lobezna  Papercrafts Download