Fiat Loves Papercrafts

Fiat Loves Papercrafts


Fiat Loves PapercraftsFiat Argentina is promoting their mini XUV, the Fiat Idea Adventure, for the South American market with a cool print ad campagin featuring papercrafts. They make comparisons between the office, home, and filing room against the desert, jungle, and mountains - the whole point being its better to be outdoors (in a Fiat Idea Adventure of course) than indoors.

This fantastic creation was brought to life by the talented folks at ad agency. I'll send a quick email to them and see if there's any chance for a pattern ^_^

I know the pics are a bit small, so here's what it says:

Office Vultures can be more dangerous than desert ones

A weekend at home can be more dangerous than one in the jungle

A day in filing room can be more dangerous than a day in the mountains

Fiat Adventure [via StillAd]

Special Thanks to Pascal F. for the links.