Ferry Restaurant "Sieg" Free Paper Model Download

Ferry Restaurant "Sieg" Free Paper Model Download


Ferry Restaurant "Sieg" Free Paper Model DownloadThis papercraft diorama is a Ferry Restaurant, called "Sieg" (english "Victory"), it exists and floats on the River Rhine, specifically where it runs through the city of Mondorf, Germany. The paper model is created by Kallboys, and the scale is in 1:100.

Only about three kilometers victorious located upstream for hundreds of years a passenger ferry on the victory. It is one of the oldest one-man greed Ferries Germany and belongs to the neighboring village Bergheim. Situated in the scenic Siegaue was the restaurant "Zur victory ferry" built on Bergheimer page that serves many hikers, cyclists and canoe travelers and popular destination.

You can download the paper model template here: Ferry Restaurant "Sieg" Free Paper Model Download


  1. Hello, Sieg has two meanings. At first. It mean s victory. But in this case, it is the name of the river Sieg. And the Ferry, which is crossing the river Sieg, is the oldest one- man- ferry in Germany. It has nothing to do with victory. Btw. Your collection is really good. Greetings Form Germany