Felis Catus Papercraft

Felis Catus Papercraft


Here's a new one for the feline lovers out there, it's a cute papercraft cat from epark.co.jp - is currently being hosted at Yahoo Kids Japan along with other easy papercraft models. They have different kinds of animals, vehicles, and buildings that will surely keep your kids busy this summer. To the cat lovers, I think this post should balance out the dog vs. cat thing that you've been e-mailing me.

To those who've requested the Gock/Magock chokipeta papercraft, I'm still looking for it, I know I've saved it before and I've also made a print/scan copy of it for my archives. I did all those while I was still living in Cali and hopefully it wasn't lost when I moved here to H-town.

Also, I'd like to thank our Korean friend, Snake, for the Wind Waker Link papercraft he sent in, and if you could please send the password to the Tetra file, Hangul is really not my forte :)

Cat Papercraft [Download]