Fate/Extra - Rin Tohsaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Fate/Extra - Rin Tohsaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Fate/Extra - Rin Tohsaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Rin Tohsaka, the Master of Lancer in dungeon role-playing game series Fate/Extra, this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo. Rin Tohsaka is a different person than the Rin Tohsaka that appears in Fate/stay night, but they are relatives part of the same lineage in the Fate/Extra universe. There is also a normal scale papercraft at the site: Type-Moon: Fate/Stay Night – Rin Tohsaka Free Papercraft. She is an activist that fights against the Harway family, so her reason to participate in the Holy Grail War is to stop Leo.

Rin is a member of the Tohsaka family that was mostly destroyed in the 1990s. She was active in the Middle East as a freelance engineer as of the 2030s. She was hired by the Resistance and came to be known as a hero after having participated in many liberation wars. Due to her actions, she is wanted by the plutocracy as an international terrorist. She initially worked with hacking & cracking, a data mining team, as an adviser of special technology over a period of three years. She managed to detect the attack on their group, and though she warned the other team members, she was the only survivor. The team prioritized whatever was most important, and due to their different roles, they focused on the equipment and data over their own lives while she escaped.

Their main purpose was accessing the Moon Cell and spreading the means to access it. The data they gathered was placed into a document that spread around, and while normal people could not utilize it, magi used it to enter the Holy Grail War. She gave an interview in the December 2032 issue of Fate/the Fact, an "Internet Deep Culture Magazine", where she explained her role in the group and talked about the nature of the Moon Cell. She was actively pressed into it by her master for public relation activities, and she was paid for doing it. She clearly states that "the Holy Grail War has begun."

While she constantly puts the Protagonist down and claims that she will not help them, she still provides advice and guides them subtly. She is surprised every time they claim to lack knowledge, but always tells them what they are missing. She thought they simply relied on a powerful Noble Phantasm to win the first round, but claims to have to rethink her opinion of them after learning that they don't even have one.

She is actively against the Harweys and the Western European plutocracy, and even if she wasn't hired by the Resistance, she would still oppose it in her own way. She is against active war due to the potential waste of resources, and would rather focus on the conflict within the Moon Cell.

While Magecraft has died out in the Extra universe, Magic Circuits are still used with hacking. Rin is called a natural by Kuzuki due to how quickly she managed to break through the illusion of Tsukumihara Academy compared to the others. He compares her to a wild Mouflon among a flock of sheep.

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Fate/Extra - Rin Tohsaka Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download