Fat Kid Rules the World Free Paper Toy Download


Fat Kid Rules the World Free Paper Toy DownloadHere are two paper people, from the novel Fat Kid Rules the World, these papercrafts are created by sally. Fat Kid Rules the World is a young adult novel published by American author KL Going in 2003. The story follows a suicidal, 296 pound teen, Troy Billings, who befriends a local guitar legend, Curt MacCrae, who insists that they form a band together with Troy playing drums. KL Going has stated it was inspired by a mix of punk music, Kurt Cobain biographies, and a rejection letter she received from an editor.

Troy Billings, 6'1 and weighing 296 pounds, is standing on the edge of a subway platform contemplating suicide when a homeless former student from Troy's school, Curt McCrae, intervenes. Curt tells Troy that he saved his life, now he owes him a favor, so he insists that they start a band together with Troy playing drums. The only problem is that Troy can't play drums and hasn't since seventh grade.

Together, Curt and Troy create the band Rage/Tetonic. Although unable to play drums, he goes right into practicing for an upcoming gig. In the process, Troy finds self-confidence and acceptance while realizing he is desperately trying to save Curt's life from drug addiction and abuse.

Fat Kid Rules the World received mostly positive reviews from critics. The Open Critic stated "K.L. Going makes a great example of teen’s life in this great book. Every page will leave the reader thinking of just how more anyone can change." Ilene Cooper from Booklist said, "The narrative could have been tighter in places, but this is an impressive debut that offers hope for all kids - dross transmuted into gold."  The novel was awarded the Michael L. Printz Award honor for literary excellence in young adult literature.

You can download these two paper craft toys from here: Fat Kid Rules the World Free Paper Toy Download