Farscape Encyclopedia Project - Dominar Rygel XVI Cube Craft Free Download

Farscape Encyclopedia Project - Dominar Rygel XVI Cube Craft Free Download


Farscape Encyclopedia Project - Dominar Rygel XVI Cube Craft Free DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is the dominar Rygel XVI, based on the Farscape Encyclopedia Project and The Peacekeeper Wars, the papercraft is created by 7ater. Dominar Rygel XVI is the formerly deposed ruler of the Hynerian Empire and former Peacekeeper prisoner for over 130 cycles.

He was eventually transferred off the ship, and endured an unknown number of prisons before finally landing onboard Moya. The Leviathan had numerous passages and conduits that only someone of his size could use, and he began to come and go as he liked, secreting food and valuables where the Peacekeepers couldn't find them. His efforts eventually paid off when he became the guiding force behind Moya's escape from Peacekeeper servitude: he had obtained the necessary code keys and bribed the guard drones in order to make the prison break possible. Of course, if Rygel could have freed the ship alone, he might just as easily have left his fellow inmates Ka D'Argo and Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan in chains. After the escape, Rygel spent his time aboard Moya as the ship's main negotiator, obtaining food and supplies.

Though Rygel did at times provide valuable services for the crew, from negotiating to pissing explosively, he often caused more trouble than he was worth. In one instance, Rygel tried to betray his shipmates to Bialar Crais and Scorpius in exchange for resources to return him to Hyneria. He only gave up when he learned that Scorpius planned to kill him anyway.

Rygel was not, however, always a burden on the crew. For example, he was instrumental in saving Moya from the Drak ("Exodus From Genesis"), managed to disconnect Moya from a Peacekeeper paddac beacon ("I, E.T."), and cycles later convinced Pilot to help Crichton collapse the wormhole to Earth. He joined Aeryn, Crais, Stark, and one of the twinned Johns aboard Talyn when the Peacekeeper Retrieval Squad commanded by Xhalax Sun attacked both Moya and Talyn. During his time there, he was forced to bunk with Stark and endure the sounds made by Crichton and Aeryn's love-making, finding neither situation to be acceptable. It was also during this time that Rygel reached the brink of death for at least the second time after an attack by Xhalax left him mortally wounded, only to be revived by Stark.

Later, while John and the Ancient Jack, were busy constructing a displacement engine, Rygel held off a small army of Charrids nearly single-handedly. He even negotiated the safe passage of the crew aboard Scorpius' Command Carrier.

Since the destruction of the Scorpius' Command Carrier, Rygel has warmed to his role as a member of Moya's crew and has willingly sacrificed himself at the expense of his crewmates, allowing Noranti to infect him with near fatal Hynerian disease as a distraction while the crew attempted to rescue Aeryn from the Scarrans, though he was unaware when Noranti infected him with a real strain of the disease. During their most complicated plan to date, Rygel incited the Charrids to attack the Kalish in a Scarran base.

In a personal victory, Rygel was able to exact revenge on his tormentor Durka, who had gained control of the Zenetan Pirates. But Rygel still await his most major of victories. Through the Peacekeepers, he has received reports that the subjects of the Hynerian Empire are unhappy with Bishan's rule, and that the time might soon be ripe for Rygel to reclaim his rightful place on the throne. Until that happens, however, he intends to obtain as much wealth and glory as he can by whatever means possible.

If and when he does return home, one thing is certain: his cousin will rue the day he crossed Dominar Rygel XVI.

Rygel, in short, was greedy, self-absorbed, and egotistical. He made a habit of "procuring" items from his fellow shipmates, and even the dead, eating much more than his fair share, and more often than not putting those around him in danger. But there was another side to Rygel. When absolutely necessary he would "bravely" put himself in harm's way for the rest of the crew- although he would then remind them of it constantly afterward-, and expressed guilt when dealing with occasions such as their encounter with the Acquarans, whose ancestors had been banished to a distant planet by Rygel X and whose priests had twisted the original mission into a religion to maintain their power. It is also safe to say that despite his ability to get along with John, Zhaan, Chiana, Pilot, Noranti, Jool, Crais, Stark, and Sikozu (to some extent), Aeryn and D'Argo basically hate his guts, in a very pure way, and have both tried to kill him on more than one occasion. They later learn to sort of get along with him, but not really, to the point that D'Argo still wants to kill him at at least one point as far on as mid Season 4. [Source: Wikia]

You can download this cube paper craft template here: Farscape Encyclopedia Project - Dominar Rygel XVI Cube Craft Free Download