Fallout - Full Size Laser RCW Free Paper Model Download


Fallout - Full Size Laser RCW Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper model is a full size Laser RCW (rapid capacitor weapon), a weapon in the video game Fallout: New Vegas, the paper model is created by Vitold Vessone. The size of finished model is about 226 (H) x 140 (W) x 857 (D) mm.

The unique feature of this "laser assault rifle" is the addition of a "drum," which gives this weapon its unique look, high rate of fire, and unusual name.

This drum contains a bank of 6 capacitors in a circle formation, centered around anelectron charge pack (ECP). The capacitors in the drum are rotated as they fire in succession, producing a single continuous laser beam. While each capacitor is firing, the ECP is used to recharge the previously discharged capacitors.

This capacitor rotation allows the Laser RCW to operate like a multi-barreled ballistic weapon, and avoids the rate-of-fire limitations imposed by a single capacitor design. This high rate of fire restricts the Laser RCW to using only the ECP ammunition type. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper model template here: Fallout - Full Size Laser RCW Free Paper Model Download [Yadi.sk] [Box] [Gavitex] [Ge.tt]