Fallout 4 - Fusion Core Free Papercraft Download


Fallout 4 - Fusion Core Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is a Fusion Core, a type of ammunition in the video game series, the paper model is created by Replica. The size of finished model is about 100 (H) x 37 (W) x 37 (D) mm.

Fusion cores are used to power and activate suits of power armor. Each core provides roughly twenty minutes of power armor use based on AP usage; actions such as holding breath when using scoped weapons, sprinting, utilizing V.A.T.S., or Jetpack modules causes the power to drain much faster, whereas walking consumes less power and remaining stationary drains none.

Fusion cores can also be ejected from power armor suits if one has the highest level Nuclear Physicist perk and no other explosive devices are currently equipped. Ejected cores land a short distance behind the user where they act as some sort of timed mine with a destructive force similar to that of a Fatman's Mini nuke.

You can download the papercraft model template here: Fallout 4 - Fusion Core Free Papercraft Download [DropBox] [Box] [Gavitex] [Ge.tt]