Fairy Tail - Mystogan Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Fairy Tail - Mystogan Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Fairy Tail - Mystogan Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Mystogan (Mistgun), based on the Anime / manga series Fairy Tail, this paper toy was designed by blackignus. Mystogan is a former S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail and the current king of Edolas. He was also the most mysterious member of the guild as he did not show himself too often. He is the Edolas counterpart of Jellal Fernandes.

Mystogan is a reclusive member of the guild. Laxus Dreyar has stated that he knew what Mystogan looks like and what may be his true name, but when Laxus says "Another-", he is cut off by Mystogan before he could finish. He doesn't want people to see his face and so he hides his identity, especially from Erza because his face would remind her of Jellal Fernandes. He seems to be very knowledgeable about the world of Edolas as he instructed the Fairy Tail members to do specific tasks for it.

Many of the guild members question who he really is, citing him as something of an enigma however Wendy states that he is a very kind person. Makarov states that Mystogan doesn't talk much. Despite his reclusiveness, Mystogan is extremely loyal to Fairy Tail and its guild members and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it. He single-handedly took down all of Phantom Lord's sub-divisions during the guild war and directly confronted Laxus when the latter attempted to forcibly take control of the guild. Mystogan gets along very well with Pantherlily due to Pantherlily saving him from death when he was young. He wished for Pantherlily to attain happiness when he reversed the Anima rather than play the "villain".

Being the Edolas counterpart of Jellal Fernandes, Mystogan posseses the same dark eyes, blue hair and a tattoo on the right side of his face. He wears a dark blue cloak and his arms and legs are mostly covered in bandages. During his time with Fairy Tail, he wore a dark blue bandana with a silver forehead protector, and a green mask that obscured the bottom half of his face to hide his identity from his guildmates. During the series, however, the design of his mask appears to change frequently. He usually carries his Magic Staves on his back which are held by a dark green strap going across his main body.

Mystogan, born under the name Jellal, was the son of Faust and the prince of Edolas. He was seriously injured at one point during his childhood, but was saved by Pantherlily, an Exceed. Though Pantherlily was exiled from Extalia for assisting a human, he and Jellal became close friends. Over time, Jellal grew discontent with his father's use of the interdimensional spell Anima to steal magic power from Earth Land, a world parallel to Edolas which had a limitless supply of magic with which Faust used to replenish the limited resources Edolas had. This, in turn, led Faust to use that magic power to conquer other regions in Edolas and expand his kingdom, growing increasingly mad with power. Hoping to end his father's senseless campaign, Jellal left Edolas through an Anima portal and entered Earth Land in the year X777, traveling the land under the name Mystogan in search of more portals to close them.

During his travels, Mystogan encountered a young girl named Wendy, who had been abandoned by her guardian, the Sky Dragon Grandeeney. He traveled aimlessly together with Wendy for about a month (using his real name "Jellal") when he suddenly sensed the presence of Anima. Thinking it would be unsafe to let Wendy travel with her any further, he placed her under the care of Roubaul, an old man who was living nearby, telling her he would leave her in a guild; as Wendy would later discover, Roubaul was not truly a guildmaster, but whether or not Mystogan realized that is unknown.

Soon after, Mystogan suppressed Anima and eventually joined the Fairy Tail guild. Aware that there was a counterpart of himself in Earth Land, he remained distant from the other guild members and covered much of his face behind a mask to keep his identity a secret, particularly from Erza Scarlet, who had a troubled past with the Jellal from Earth Land.

You can download this manga cube paper craft toy from here: Fairy Tail - Mystogan Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download