Fairy Tail - Aries Cube Craft Free Paper Craft Download

Fairy Tail - Aries Cube Craft Free Paper Craft Download


Fairy Tail - Aries Cube Craft Free Paper Craft DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Aries, based on the Anime/manga series Fairy Tail, this paper toy was designed by blackignus. Aries, "The Ram", is a Celestial Spirit that is one of the 12 Golden Zodiac Keys. Her key is currently owned by Lucy Heartfilia, and formerly owned by Angel and Karen Lilica.

Aries is a female spirit which resembles a young girl with pink hair, brown eyes and a pair of twisted horns on her head. Aries usually wears clothes based on a wool-like style, white and fluffy. Her outfit changes, however, as the story progresses. In her very first appearance, Aries did not have a satchel on her waist, and her neck was covered in white wool rather than the pink wool shown in her recent appearance.

Three years before the current storyline, Aries was owned by Karen Lilica, and she treated her terribly. Karen used Aries to keep her "boyfriends" away from her. Blue Pegasus Guild Master Bob sees this and warns Karen to take care of her spirits. In a rage, she accuses Aries of ratting her out and physically assaults her, although all that is seen is Aries getting shoved to the floor.

As punishment, Karen tries to keep Aries in the human world for a week, but before she can act on this threat, Loke steps in by summoning himself to take Aries' place and tells the Celestial Spirit Mage to break her contracts with Aries and himself. When she refuses, Leo threatens to remain in the human world until she agrees, rendering Karen unable to summon any other Celestial Spirits. As a result, Karen was killed by Angel of OraciĆ³n Seis and Aries' key was taken.

Aries is very shy and polite.She will always apologize, even if she didn't do anything wrong to her owner.Still, she is very sweet and nice, and able to appreciate how kind an owner Lucy is. And, despite her fears, she is willing to fight for her.

You can download this manga cube paper craft toy from here: Fairy Tail - Aries Cube Craft Free Paper Craft Download