F1 Paper Models - 1995 Simtek S951 #12 Free Papercraft Download

F1 Paper Models - 1995 Simtek S951 #12 Free Papercraft Download


F1 Paper Models - 1995 Simtek S951 #12 Free Papercraft DownloadThis F1 paper car is a 1995 Simtek S951 (#12), drived by Jos Verstappen, the paper model was designed by Terry Pechler, and the scale of this Formula One car paper model is 1:43. The Simtek S951 was a Formula One car for the 1995 season. The teams test driver was Hideki Noda. Noda was set to take the number 11 seat for the second half of the season, but the team closed down after round five. The engine was a Ford-Cosworth EDB 3.0l V8. The team's main sponsor was MTV.

The car was designed by Simtek owner and technical director Nick Wirth, along with the chief designer of Simtek Research, Paul Crooks. It was a direct evolution of the 1994 season car, the Simtek S941. In order to secure a firm foothold in the sport following a traumatic 1994 season which included the death of one of its drivers, the team designed the S951 to be straightforward and uncomplicated.

One of the main changes was the change of the engine and gearboxes, as Simtek were given the old Benetton gearbox alongside the Ford-Cosworth EDB engine, which replaced the Ford-Cosworth HB engines. The Benetton gearboxes were used as part of the team's deal to employ Verstappen, who was loaned from his position as Benetton's test driver. The S951s were the last cars to be completed of all the 1995 F1 teams' chassis, arriving at the first round of the championship in Brazil with minimal testing.

The S951 was much more competitive than the S941 machine, with Verstappen and Schiattarella bringing the car to the finish on several occasions. Verstappen was able to qualify the car in the midfield at several races, his best being fourteenth at Argentina, although he only finished one race due to transmission unreliability. His best race performance came at the same race, where he ran in sixth place until his gearbox failed. Schiattarella, however, made the end to score the team's highest finish with ninth place.

The S951 car was not used from 1995 until 2006, but two examples of it were used in the 2007 EuroBOSS Championship, with Paul Smith and Peter Alexander driving the chassis. [Source: wiki]

You can download this F1 papercraft from here: F1 Paper Models - 1995 Simtek S951 #12 Free Papercraft Download

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