F1 Paper Models - 1991 HONDA Tyrrell 020 Free Download

F1 Paper Models - 1991 HONDA Tyrrell 020 Free Download


F1 Paper Models - 1991 HONDA Tyrrell 020 Free DownloadThis F1 paper model is from nifty, the designer is Sin. The Tyrrell 020 was a Formula One (F1) racing car designed by Harvey Postlethwaite and George Ryton for Tyrrell Racing and raced during the 1991 season. The car was powered by the Honda V10 engine previously raced by McLaren in 1990. The 020 was driven by Satoru Nakajima who brought the Honda engine contract with him and also by Stefano Modena. Its best result was a second place by Modena in the Canadian Grand Prix. Tyrrell scored 12 points to finish 6th in the Constructors Championship with half the points scored by Modena's 2nd in Canada.

The car was updated for the 1992 season and was dubbed the 020B. For this season the Honda V10 was replaced with the Ilmor LH10 V10 engine and was driven by Olivier Grouillard and veteran Andrea De Cesaris. The team only scored 8 points for the season but again finished in 6th place.

The 020 was pressed into service again for the first nine races of the 1993 season. Again updated it was called the 020C. For the third time in three years the car ran a V10 engine but this time it carried the Yamaha OX10A. It was driven again by De Cesaris who was joined by Japanese driver Ukyo Katayama. Neither driver would score a World Championship point driving the car. The Tyrrell 020C was replaced by the 021 mid-way through the 1993 season.

Down Load Year Model Ver Car No. Driver
EXTRA68(zip) 1991 Tyrrell HONDA 020 Ver. Late #4 Stefano Modena
EXTRA67(zip) #3 Satoru Nakajima
EXTRA66(zip) Ver. Test #4 Stefano Modena
EXTRA65(zip) #3 Satoru Nakajima
Instructions and Completed Photos

Videos will be posted a list of videos up that it has assembled. Roughly one frame is less than 15 minutes. Your reference.
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