F1 Paper Models - 1977 Tyrrell P34/2 Free Download

F1 Paper Models - 1977 Tyrrell P34/2 Free Download


F1 Paper Models - 1977 Tyrrell P34/2 Free DownloadThis F1 paper car is the 1977 Tyrrell P34 2th version from metmania. There are #3 (Driver: Ronnie Peterson) and #4 (Driver: Patrick Depailler) two versions for this Formula One car. Tyrrell P34 or would not be an iconic machine that fought the / F1 develop a machine such free-thinking. There is another Tyrrell P34 F1 paper model but 1976 version at the site: F1 Paper Models – 1976 Tyrrell P34.

Then the diameter of the front tires to reduce the air resistance, was housed in a sports car nose. Idea is a machine made of small tire grip by reducing the area, will be decreased because of steering and braking performance, that ... let's increase the number of tires.
In 1976, at the time of the announcement of the total new car is bought for the giggles too wacky style. Schechter GP debut in fourth in Belgium, the second race in Spain and Europe GP became the opening game. 1-2 finish was the decoration Paul and the first GP win four races in Sweden And finally finish 2-3, the first three races at the Monaco GP.  3rd year in the constructor, the driver has become a huge success and machine # 3 & 4.

The following year in 1977, P34 should have been put to a constructive Raku firing range of the F1 title, you would be tricked from unexpected places. Tyrrell only other team, the balance between the rear tire to evolve with every race, Tyrrell is finally front You will come to widen the tread of a last resort.

It is P34/2 this time. The situation is putting the cart before the horse, should have fit into the nose using a small-diameter tires to reduce the air resistance does not extend to the next fight must be from the nose, six-wheeled car project will come to end it.

You can download this F1 papercraft from here: F1 Paper Models - 1977 Tyrrell P34/2 Free Download [#3 (Driver: Ronnie Peterson)] [#4 (Driver: Patrick Depailler)] [Instruction]