F1 Paper Models - 1977 Ford Tyrrell 007 Free Download


F1 Paper Models - 1977 Ford Tyrrell 007 Free DownloadThis F1 Paper craft is from nifty, the designer is Metmania-fan. The Tyrrell 007 belong to Formula One team "Tyrrell Racing". Kunimitsu Takahashi, from the main rate racing team, competing in the engine chassis +6 years ago three years ago, qualifying start from # 22.
Left a final ninth grade. (Engine, GC machine of 72 years of DFV series: 100 mounted on the roller T280).

Struggled in qualifying, was a malfunction of the engine coming from the electrical system, the cause is, because it was a characteristic of the car Tyrell parts called "Meister" switch of the solenoid, get it ceded to go to Tyrell team how, final was too late to.

3 of the final lap, but towards the first corner behind each path Hoshino, of G ยท Villeneuve.
Avoid the rear wing of Peterson flew narrowly, spin! From out side of the zone escape, return to the course, on lap 30, fought a nasty race of three laps holding the place to be in the hunt for top lap.

The induction was made detachable pod. Remove the air funnel in the state does not have a clear historical research.

You can download this F1 car paper model from here: F1 Paper Models - 1977 Ford Tyrrell 007 Free Download [Instruction]