F1 Paper Models - 1977 Ferrari 312T2 Free Download

F1 Paper Models - 1977 Ferrari 312T2 Free Download


F1 Paper Models - 1977 Ferrari 312T2 Free DownloadThis F1 paper car is the 1977 version Ferrari 312T2, it is designed by metmania. There are #11 (Driver: Niki Lauda), #12 (Driver: Carlos Reutemann) and #11 (Driver: Gilles Villeneuve) three versions for this F1 paper model. There is also the 1979 version Ferrari 312T4 Formula One car at the site: F1 Paper Models – 1979 Ferrari 312T4

The 312T2 was launched at Fiorano and featured a number of modifications over the 312T. In order to comply with the revised aerodynamic rules, the car no longer featured an airbox behind the cockpit. Instead "NACA shaped" air intakes were incorporated into the cockpit sides, feeding air into each cylinder bank of the flat 12 engine. At 2560mm, the wheelbase was 42mm longer than that of the 312T. At the time of launch, the car also featured some notable mechanical modifications, including a de Dion rear suspension arrangement, although this was abandoned after extensive testing, in favour of a more conventional suspension set up.

The 312T2 was given its race debut at the non-championship Brands Hatch Race of Champions in March 1976 and was first used in a world championship race in May at the Spanish Grand Prix. The 312T2 was if anything, more successful than the 312T. Lauda was comfortably leading the world championship after another 3 wins, when at the 1976 German Grand Prix at Nürburgring he had a massive accident caused by a suspected rear suspension failure. In the aftermath he nearly burned to death, but was miraculously back racing just 6 weeks later. Lauda conceded the title by just a single point to James Hunt, but the 312T2's superiority helped Ferrari win its second consecutive constructor's title.

The 312T2 was also used for the 1977 season. At the early races the cars were little different to the 1976 specification cars , indeed two of the 1976 cars were used in the early races. One of the few visible changes was the addition of Fiat logos to a Ferrari F1 car for the first time. Lauda was unhappy with the performance of the car at the first two races of 1977, and led an extensive test programme to develop the car in the weeks between the Brazilian and South African grands prix. These tests resulted in the introduction of several changes to the car, including a new rear wing, revised bodywork and suspension. Lauda went on to win the South African race, albeit in tragic cicumstances, his car heavily damaged by debris from Tom Pryce's fatal accident.

Over the course of the season, three new cars were constructed and the car's development continued.Several different noses and rear wing profiles were used, some especially tailored for specific circuits, and numerous changes were made to the suspension and rear bodywork. One of the problems Ferrari had with the 312T2 in 1977 was that the Goodyear tyres were increasingly unsuited to the car. As Goodyear continued to develop the tyres to cope with the high downforce of the Lotus 78, it became more difficult for the Ferrari to build up sufficient tyre temperatures.

However, despite its problems, the 312T2 was good enough to win the driver's championship for Lauda, who won more through the car's reliability than outright speed. He took 3 wins, while Reutemann won once. The constructors' championship was also secured for a third successive season before Lauda walked out on the team before season's end. He was replaced by the fiery Canadian Gilles Villeneuve but he couldn't get a handle on the T2B, as its neutral handling didn't suit his oversteering driving style.

The 312T2 was used for the first two races of 1978, before being replaced by the 312T3. You can download this F1 papercraft from here: F1 Paper Models - 1977 Ferrari 312T2 Free Download [#11 (Driver: Niki Lauda)] [#12 (Driver: Carlos Reutemann)] [#11 (Driver: Gilles Villeneuve)] [Instruction]