F1 Paper Model - BRM Transporter Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster Free Download


F1 Paper Model - BRM Transporter Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster Free DownloadThis vehicle paper model is Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster (simply known as the Leyland Worldmaster), a transporter for BRM F1 racing car, the papercraft is created by Ichiyama. The Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster was a mid-underfloor-engined bus chassis built by Leyland between 1954 and 1979.

Succeeding the Leyland Royal Tiger underfoor-engined heavyweight single-deck bus or coach chassis which sold more than 6,000 from 1950 to 1956 was a difficult call, but Leyland answered it with the Royal Tiger Worldmaster, it retained a substantial steel ladder-frame chassis to which operators could fit a coachbuilt body of their choice. A Leyland O680H horizontal engine was mounted at the middle of the chassis frame, driving back through a pneumocyclic semi-automatic gearbox to an overhead-worm rear axle, steering was via a worm and nut mechanism .

Sales ran from 1954 to 1979 by which time more than 20,000 had been built making it Leyland's most successful bus. In comparison, by 1985 approximately 17,000 Leyland Atlanteans had been built, Leyland Leopard sales terminated in 1983 after deliveries totalled over 12,000. In global terms only the ‘Old Look’ GMC single decker, the Mercedes-Benz O303 and the Bedford SB beat the Worldmaster for overall sales. The Worldmaster was an unequivocal success for Leyland and an aptly named model.

Leyland coded the Worldmaster RT, export versions were prefixed E, unless they had the low ground-clearance frame, prefixed C, designed for paved-road markets which required lower step heights, this was dropped in the wheelbase and overhangs and arched over the axles, whereas the RT and ERT had a straight frame. Left-hand drive Worldmasters were either LERT or LCRT, to tabulate the basic range (This paper model is RT3):

ModelWheelbaseOverall lengthNotes
RT120 ft35 ft (nominal)Up to 12m in real life
RT218 ft 6in33 ft (nominal)11m bodies by 1962
RT316 ft 2in30 ft (nominal)Only type marketed in UK

Operators in every inhabited continent bought Worldmasters, big markets were western and southern Africa, Australasia, South and Central America, the Middle-East, the Caribbean and continental Europe, both Eastern and Western bloc.

You can download this paper craft model here: F1 Paper Model - BRM Transporter Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster Free Download

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